What to expect

You want to make memories; that is why you are here, right?  You want to see if I fit the bill, so to speak, of what you are looking for in a photographer to capture those memories.  Well, keep reading and I will tell you what I do…

I capture real life.  I capture those memories you are striving to make; and I give you the opportunity to show the real you in those memories.  A portrait session with me will result in natural, fun and full of life photographs of you and your loved ones.

I love capturing your little ones running and playing with each other, giving mommy a kiss on the cheek or looking at daddy like he is their hero; all as you interact naturally with each other while I am in the background snapping away.

I desire to photograph the “we are wrapped up in each other and forgot the camera was there” look from couples and to show Seniors that they can have fun, be natural and have fantastic pictures to remember their last year of High School.  Sessions will be part glamorous, part adventurous, part posed, part unposed, all authentic, all you.

I would be honored to capture life and make memories with you.


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