I have awesome clients…

Okay, I have finally completed blog boards for the 10 sessions I have had recently. Soooo sorry to my friends and clients that I have not kept up on blogging, but here you are in all your loveliness ūüôā

First up in my line of super awesome clients are:

(Shane) Austin and Austin (Dale), 2013 High School Seniors

One is a country boy, one is a city boy; both were amazing. I loved seeing these two step-brothers have fun and show off their favorite things! We even got their sweet little sister in some of the photos. Bottom line, they are boys (which means they didn’t want to have their pictures done), they are teenagers (which means being with mom and a female photographer their moms age is not considered a good time), we were shooting for 8 full hours, it was freezing in the morning, one of them left their wallet at one of the locations (and of course it was not there when we went back for it), and they totally rocked it out anyway! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation Austin and Dale and thank you for making that day so much fun!

austin and austin

Next is my super gorgeous, sweet, talented, smart and funny 2014 Senior Rep for Greenwood High School, Alyia!

Umm…so, if you can’t tell, I kinda love Alyia! ¬†She really impressed me on her Senior Rep application and I continued to be impressed and amazed by her every time I see her. ¬†Alyia is an avid reader, runs track, wants to go to West Point (what?? so awesome!) and is able to keep up with her two younger and very athletic brothers! ¬†These photos are from her mini session, and I CAN.NOT.WAIT for her full session in the fall. ¬†Alyia, my dear, have an amazing summer!


Next I had an extended family/family reunion/Easter dinner session with some great friends of mine and her whole big family!  Krummen, Extended family session

I have know Matt and Liz for several years now, and have had the privilege of photographing them and their son Micah several times, in addition to a session that included Liz’s mom and sister last year. ¬†With this session I got to meet the whole Krummen family. ¬†What a group of fantastic people! ¬†I enjoyed my time with them so much and am so glad I was able to be a part of their reunion. ¬†I also got to spend a little one on one time with DJ and do a little mini Senior session with him. ¬†Thanks so much Krummen family for including me in your day!

Krummen family

I am up to the Wren 1 year cake smash and family session for the Hirschfelt family

Amber is a friend that I have know for quite some time and have enjoyed both a working relationship (she is the super talented gal behind Kypress Designs) and a personal friendship with. ¬†I got to take Wren’s newborn photos and now his 1 year cash smash session (love!) and got to include some with his sweet and mischievous big sister and beautiful momma.

hirschfelt family

I absolutely LOVED my next clients!  I really do love all my clients, but I have an extra special spot in my heart for my bridal clients.  I love getting to know my brides and grooms in the months from initial consultation through the engagement session and of course spending several hours with them on the big day.  Brett and Christy were so much fun.  They had a super fun bridal party and I am so honored to have been their photographer.  Brett and Christy, Bridal session

brett and christy

The Denney family has a special place in my heart, too.  I met Ty when I worked at the missions organization he became the VP of.  I instantly took a liking to him, mostly because he reminded me so much of my brother (they are both pastors, neither one of them can sing, but they do anyway, and they both have a great sense of humor).  Then I met his beautiful wife Erica, and it was over.  I was head over heels for this super sweet family.  I love the amazing heart these two have for Christ and the youth of this world.  Their compassion is unmatchable and it is such a privilege to call them friends.  I had so much fun hanging out with their three amazing kiddos and catching up with them.

Denney family

You will recognize a few of the people from this post from one a few posts up! ¬†The Yingling Family¬†are some of my favorite people. ¬†Matt, Liz and Micah are great friends that we have the privilege of worshipping and attending church with (Matt is our worship leader at our church, CityLife Church of Greenwood). ¬†I had met Matt’s mom and dad before and ¬†his sister Tricia and sweet baby Gage, but was so excited to be able to meet the rest of his family! ¬†I absolutely loved the way Alan and Tracy loved on each other during the session.

Yingling family

Oh, Allie is next!  I met Allie through her sweet older sister Ashley, whom I have know for a long time now.  Allie is graduating Perry Meridian this year and I was so excited when her mom called me for a session.  Allie is another one of those amazing Senior girls that knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to get it!  Allie loves to read, shop, ride horses and will be going to WKU in the fall.  This girl is beautiful on the outside, no question.  But what I love about Allie the most is that she is just as beautiful on the inside!  Congratulations, Allie Wilson, keep in touch!


Zach Miles and Ashley Conrad are my next clients. ¬†As you know, I have a special place in my heart for my bridal clients; these two are no exception. ¬†In fact, they are even more special because Zach is my cousin and Ashley is his amazing fiance. ¬†Zach is in the military and Ashley is in school. ¬†They have a busy life of school, work and raising Zach’s daughter. ¬†I have a ton of respect for Zach, as I do for military individuals, and for Ashley (for putting up with Zach and helping raise his daughter). ¬†I had a blast during their engagement session a few weeks ago and can’t wait for their wedding in August! ¬†Congratulations Zach and Ashley!

Zach and Ashley

Last up is Jay and Iris.  We met Jay when he started working for my husband, and then Iris began working there too.  I have gotten to hang out with them a few times over the last couple of years and was honored to be part of their intimate wedding.  I loved how they chose to have their children stand up with them and involve them so much in the actual wedding day.  Congratulations Jay and Iris!

Jay and Iris


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