Hi, my name is April, and I am a slacker.  There, I said it.  Whew! 

I absolutely love photography.  The location and prop hunting, getting to know my clients, the big day when I actually get to capture that little piece of you through my lens, the editing (and smiling like to fool because I LOVE the images and know you will too), the delivery and seeing my work loved by you and shared with your friends…and then there is blogging.


Sigh.  It is like my nemesis.  I have all these great things in my head I can say about the session, the clients, the images, how much I enjoyed getting to know them, etc…until I sit down to write it.  Does that happen to anyone else?


Well, now you know my weakness…that evil thing called blogging.  One of my favorite lines in a movie I saw recently was: “Blogging is not writing.  It is graffiti with punctuation.”  SO.FUNNY!  Okay, maybe blogging is not just graffiti with punctuation, but with this love/hate thing I have going on with blogging I found it hilarious.  (Bonus points if anyone can name the movie)


So I said all that to say this, I will get better!  I will probably have to do one post for the sessions I have had since November (she types, wincing and feeling guilty), but I promise, you will get a blog post.


Thanks for your understanding and patience with this photographer and her love/hate relationship with blogging.


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