Okay, I admit it.  I have been a total slacker in blogging all of my session with my amazing clients lately.  I am so sorry!  Since I have 13, count them, 13 sessions to blog, I have decided to make blog boards for each session and blog them all at once.

I apologize in advance for not giving you each your own blog post!

First up is: Mike and Krystle – Bridal session

I LOVE this couple for so many reasons.  One is: they booked me from two states away without meeting me!  Whoa, talk about having faith!  I didn’t even get to meet Krystle until their wedding day.  Another reason I love them; she walked down the aisle to one of my FAVORITE songs A Thousand Years by Christina Perri from one of my FAVORITE movie series The Twilight Saga.  Mike enlisted in the U.S. Navy and was gone up until a few days before the wedding to go through boot camp.  He had to leave for his training shortly after their wedding and they are still on different sides of the country.  What rock stars they are for the sacrifices they are making to serve our country!  I have the utmost respect and appreciation for these two!  They were so fun-loving and so in love it was a blast to work with them and have part in their day.  Congratulations Mike and Krystle!

Next up is Shianna – Birthday party session

This little girl has a special place in my heart, not just because I am related to her, but also because she is awesome.  This is my sister in law’s little sister who was adopted by her parents after being placed with them as a foster child (I know, they are amazing people).  She calls my mom the Justin Bieber that doesn’t sing.  We have no idea why, but, hey, I guess you could be called worse things.  Happy birthday sweet pea!

Okay, next on the list is Kayla, my Greenwood Senior Rep for the ladies.  I seriously adore this girl.  She is one of the sweetest, funniest, most beautiful inside and out girls you will ever meet.  Her mom and dad are so amazing and I secretly want to hang out with her momma, like, everyday.  They are just a joy to be around and I am kinda sad I won’t get to take Kayla’s pictures for a while…Kayla, congrats on making it halfway through your Senior year, the best is yet to come!

Now onto the Sluss/Shakelford family.

Ahhh…I have such amazing clients!  Jim and Loretta are great friends of ours and I was so excited to have the chance to take photos of their whole family.  We all had a blast and I got to meet a few of the family I had not met before.  They are one good-looking, fun-loving, Jesus loving group and I love them all!  I can’t wait for Jim to coach my son on his baseball team next year and take him to the next level.  Stay awesome Sluss Shakelford family!

Next is the Burk-George/Wirey-Burk/George family.

As you can tell, this is a blended family, but you would never know it!  They all love each other so much and treat each other the way family should.  Shana is one of my favorite friends and has a huge part of my heart.  Breanna like one of my own and her hubby is like a big brother.  I loved getting to know Nick and Ashley better and of course seeing sweet little Trayson! I cannot express how awesome these people are…love you guys!

Now onto Cody – Senior session

Oh, it is so hard to believe Cody is a Senior…I remember when his momma was pregnant with him (and now I feel old)!  Cody is my super awesome nephew.  He is a rocker, interested in photography and one of the nicest guys I know.  He just moved back here from the Ohio/Pennsylvania area so now hopefully we will get to see him more often!  Congrats Cody, can’t wait to see you soon!

Yippee!  I am up to Brett and Christy – Engagement session

Okay, I know I have said it already, but I really do have amazing clients that I kinda want to be, like, really friends with.  This is one of those clients!  Brett and Christy are getting married next April, so we did their engagement session last month in Fountain Square.  Brett was not excited about it, but he had so many great ideas and they are total naturals when it comes to the camera.  By the end of the session he was actually having fun!  I am really enjoying getting to know this couple better throughout the Bridal Session process (I am with you from the initial contact up until the “big day” and after for any questions, concerns, ideas, etc…).  I can’t WAIT to shoot your wedding next year and am so happy for you two!  Congrats Brett and Christy!

On to the next awesome couple, Mike and Devon – Bridal Session

So, Devon is a flippin rock star and should be modeling…I LOVED her retro glam vibe!  Devon and Mike were so fun and easy to work with, their wedding party was just a blast and their ceremony was beautiful.  Congratulations Mike and Devon!

Caitlin – you are next my dear!  Senior Session

Caitlin is many things, my Senior Rep for Franklin, my cousins daughter (I call her my niece, she calls me her aunt, neither of us can figure out what we really are…eh, this works), and a beautiful high school senior with a big heart.  She is college hunting to get her degree as a special education teacher.  Caitlin has an amazing sense of style and I a fun-loving attitude.  She cracks me up with the “I just want them to look perfect” comments when we are talking about her Senior sessions (no pressure, right?), but I love working with her and spending time with her and her momma.  Congrats Caitlin!

Now onto the Barrick/Cravens family – family session

I had the opportunity to meet up with a friend I have not seen since High School and capture images with her family, in-laws and, of course, their beautiful dog Tank!  I loved being able to see Shannon again and the opportunity to meet her wonderful family.

Now for another “old” school friend 🙂  The Tuttle family

So I have been friends with Arleia since 7th grade!  I won’t say just how many years that is, just know that it is a lot of them…We were in each others wedding, there for the birth of each others kids, we call each others parents our parents…you get the idea 🙂

Now for Amber and kids – Christmas Mini Session

I have known Amber for several years now and have worked with her on several occasions.  Amber is a talented crocheter (is that a word?) and jewelry designer/maker.  Check out her work at  Merry Christmas you guys!

Last but certainly not least is Emma – Cake Smash Session

Emma is the daughter of another school friend that I have known since grade school!  She is the sweetest, happiest baby and I had a blast capturing her 1 year cake smash session.  I could not believe how fast she went for the cake when we put it in front of her; she wasted no time digging in and chowing down!  Thanks to Mike and Stacie for letting me be part of your celebration and Happy birthday (early) Miss Emma!

Whew, I think that was the longest blog post in history!  Thanks for hanging around and learning about all these awesome people!


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